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I am going to have to play devil’s advocate to relieve the pressure on white guys (though only just a little): Asian girls probably had their first relationships with Asian guys, broke up, got sick of the way Asian guys are like in GENERAL, and settled for somebody that’s far easier to deal with, physically and intellectually – yes this is a direct insult to you, my typical white bloke friend. I really can’t vouch for myself because I don’t date Asian girls, I just observe my Asian friends and family, they don’t really know how to treat a girl well… and never bother to learn.

As an Asian guy, who really has no problems with any girl of any race, I’m giving kudos to all of you black women in this discussion. If there were more of you that stood out with effective arguments and just reason, the times would turn around for you gals. It is really sad that my friends have personally said that they find ONLY black women unattractive… I’ve always wanted to defend because I wholeheartedly disagree. In the end, it was useless because we were raised in a society where the that god awful “definition” of beauty brainwashed us.
Anyways, a cute and smart chocolate floats my boat, I would definitely go out with a sister. :)

October 18, 2009 at 4:44 am
Hana says:
Another small trend I saw was a low response rate of Indian men to Pacific Islander women. Could this be a throwback from the indentured labour Colonial Britain imposed upon the Fijian Islands? There is a colourful history there which continues to this day about the racial roles in Fiji.

October 18, 2009 at 4:58 am
Jessie Maims says: