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Included in Military Cargo Transporter are a variety of core components and variant pieces. The Military Cargo Transporter can also be built in a stowed, or unloading position as shown. The trailer is designed to work with a variety of 28mm scale containers, as the lifting arms can slide on the trailer. : This kit is for the vehicle, and does not include any transport containers.  DriveThruRPG already offers a number of excellent 3D printable containers. Shown in the photos are Nerdhaus Shipping Containers and Rocketship Games' Deployable Cargo.

The largest part is 160mm long, but a split version is also supplied so this kit can be printed on a 100mm or larger build plate.
All.STL files are oriented correctly so you can load them into your slicer and print them immediately. The parts have been designed to print face-up for the best detail. All .STL files were sliced using Cura and test printed on a Creality Ender 3.
The parts in this kit also combine with our 
This event will focus on the technology and innovation needed to further develop additive manufacturing technology and the industries current capability level in order to deliver greater flexibility to the warfighter in deployed environments..