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Enjoy all the benefits of advanced LED energy-saving technology with the Feit Electric 45W Equivalent Warm White TLED Light Bulb. These Ttubular LED light bulbs are made for use in signs, emergency lights, and other specialty applications. The LED bulb has an intermediate (E17) base, is rated to provide up to 15,000 of life and uses less energy than the equivalent incandescent 45W light bulb.

Given the number of intermediate base led bulb brands nowadays, picking the best one is a very time-consuming task. Many companies regularly produce new intermediate base led bulb to compete for customers’ money. Fortunately, you can use the list of the top intermediate base led bulb to quickly choose the best product. There is also the extended top 30 list with more options.
You have to consider such aspects of intermediate base led bulb as its manufacturer, weight, material, price, and many more. Do not forget that manufacturers present new models every year, which makes the process of choosing even more complicated. Fortunately, our top list of the best intermediate base led bulb will help you to save a lot of your time.

I also have RGB LED's as my undercabinet lighting and they work great.
I can make any color I want but I generally keep it on a warm white setting that matches the other lights. The bonus is that the power supply remembers its on/off state when power is disconnected and reapplied so they turn on and off with the wall switch because they're plugged into a switched outlet.

The only thing special about an appliance bulb is they have more supports for the filament so it can better tolerate vibration.
That's true of a rough-service bulb. I think the difference for appliance bulbs is increased tolerance for heat and cold.
A LED bulb does not have a delicate filament so I imagine a standard one would do well as long as it can physically fit into the space.

Appliance bulbs come with a variety of bases. Intermediate screw base, or E17, is all you need to know about the base. The bulb itself is a tubular bulb ("T") that's 1" in diameter (X 1/8")..