October 18, 2018
When your toddler is young, they still require a nap. That is where a nap mat comes in. They are great for places such as taking it to a friend’s house, daycare, or preschool. Nap mats also come in many shapes and sizes. Most nap mats are used for toddlers aged two to five years of age, but this can vary. Some mats fold up for storage, some stack, while some roll up for portability.

Nap mats can come with their own bedding or require you to provide your own. We will be looking at some of the most popular nap mats on the market today.
Types of Nap Mats
Fold Up Stackable Mats – These mats are normally made of vinyl to wipe off and clean easily and fold in three or four sections. They are not meant to be portable as they are bulky.
Roll Up Mats – These portable mats can come with or without bedding and roll up for easy storage and portability. These mats can range in thickness so you must be careful to get one thick enough for comfort. In addition, they can close by Velcro, hook and latch, ribbon, or many other ways. Most have carrying handles to make it easier to tote. – Cots are mats that are woven in the middle and have harder edges. Cots have legs to bring the entire cot off the ground. Some cots are single entities while others can be stacked with other cots of the same make and model. You will need to use bedding with these cots.
Nap mats form a physical barrier between your child and the floor that is hygienic and safe. This also designates a spot for your child when in a place with other children. Nap mats can also bring a piece of home to unfamiliar places.

Most nap mats can be wiped down or are machine washable. This helps with cleaning up messes and keeping down the spread of germs.
Features of Nap Mats
When looking for a nap mat, there are a few features you should keep in mind to look for: – Children grow fast. You want a nap mat that your child will fit on for a while and not grow out of too fast. You also want them to be able to stretch out and not have their feet stick out the end.
Portability – If a nap mat is bulky and hard to carry, you will have a hard time moving it from one place to the other. If you are just going to keep your mat in one spot, this is not such a big deal. The more portable, the easier it is to store also. Some mats can even be carried by a carrying strap if the child has to carry it with them to class.
Ease of Cleaning – Some mats are not absorbent and can be wiped clean if there is an accident. Other mats are softer and can just be machine washed when needed.
https://boss-reviews.com/best-nap-mat. Avoid nap mats that are material that can only be spot cleaned.
Comfort – While a nap mat will never be as comfortable as your bed at home, it can still be comfortable. It is important for a mat to be plush and have a nice texture. – Nap mats should appeal to the ones that will be using them. Nap mats come in many designs, colors, and themes. Choose one that your child will find it a joy to lie down on.

Refusing to take a nap – Most toddlers can tell you whether or not they are tired. If you try to force a nap, a toddler may break into a temper tantrum that you mistake for needing a nap. This is when you need to trust your child and try it their way – at least one time.
Great without a nap – If you let your toddler go without a nap and they remain active and in good spirits, then they may be able to forego naps from now on.
School time – Many children will continue to nap well until they get older. The time to start holding back on naps is when they start school. This will help them develop structure and routine and get used to not receiving a nap during school hours.
Not falling asleep quickly – If your child takes a long time to fall asleep or only sleeps for a short period of time, then it is probably time to stop nap time because they are not as tired as they used to be.
Milliard Toddler Nap Mat

https://boss-reviews.com/best-nap-mat a thick mat for your toddler for nap time, then the Milliard Toddler Nap Mat may just be what you are looking for. This mat is three inches thick of soft foam for comfort and if durable.
This tri-fold nap mat has a bamboo cover that you can remove and place in the washing machine if there are any accidents or just to clean it.
The mattress itself has foam that is  CertiPur certified so you know that it is free from chemicals and toxins.
Being that it is trifold, it unfolds quickly and stores easily. This mat is an impressive 5inches long.
The Milliard Toddler Nap Mat is a good nap mat that has a lot of things that you look for in a nap mat. Not only is it  CertiPur Certified, but the cover is machine washable. This mat is suitable for tall children at a whopping fifty-seven inches long and comfortable at three inches thick.
However, if someone has a wet accident, the cover on the Milliard Toddler Nap Mat is not waterproof so it will get to the foam and the mat is bulky so it is not suitable to travel with.
Overall, the Milliard Toddler Nap Mat is a good nap mat but you might want a light mat for traveling with.
If you want a nap mat that is waterproof, then the Angeles Rest Germ-Free 2” Mat may be just what you are looking for. This mat has a vinyl cover that makes it durable and easy to wipe clean.
The Angeles resists germs and bacteria because it is sealed by radio frequency.
The mat is easy to store and unfold as it is tri-fold and unfolds to 4inches. This mat is Green Guard Certified.
The Angeles Rest Germ-Free 2” Mat is a decent economy nap mat. This affordable mat is waterproof and easily wipes clean. The best thing about this mat is that it is germ and bacteria resistant. The Angeles is wider than most other nap mats and has a cover that is virtually rip-proof.
However, this mat is not the most comfortable at only 4inches long and not very plush. This mat is not very portable as it is bulky when folded and you must provide bedding for it. You may also not like the gaps that are between the sections of the mat.
Overall, even though it is affordable, you must add in the added cost of bedding to the mix to be fair. In addition, it is not as comfortable as some other mats. While it https://boss-reviews.com/best-nap-mat a pinch, it is not a favorite.
If you are looking for a nap mat that will ease the transition at preschool, then the Urban Infant Tot Cot All in One Preschool/Daycare Toddler Nap Mat has found a way. This nap mat can be integrated at home to get a child used to it and then taken to school and placed on top of a cot or mat at nap time to make nap time easier.
This bedding has a pillow that is removable and a blanket that is sewn in. With twelve designs to choose from, your toddler will love the unique design and the secretive pocket they can stash a furry friend in. You can even write their name on the name tag. This even has a carrying handle.
There are elastic bands sewn in to fit over mats and portable cots.
To wash the Urban Infant Tot Cot, wash in cold water after you remove the pillow and tumble on low to dry.
The Urban Infant Tot Cot All in One Preschool/Daycare Toddler Nap Mat is a decent mat. With its twelve designs that are machine washable, there is one for everyone. This mat fits most standard cots and mats and even has a pocket for your child’s favorite stuffy.
However, the Urban Infant Tot Cot All in One Preschool/Daycare Toddler Nap Mat is more blanket consistency than mat as it does not have a thick padding and it is not waterproof.
Overall, the Urban Infant Tot Cot All in One Preschool/Daycare Toddler Nap Mat is great to be used in conjunction with a cot or mat but not alone. You must consider that this will make your overall cost increase.
The My First Nap Mat is hypoallergenic and helps to prevent allergens from sticking to the mat.
This portable mat has a Velcro strap to help secure into a rolled hold and it has a carrying handle for ease of carrying and holding.
The 41-inch mat has a built-in pillow for convenience that can be removed as needed. This mat is made of memory foam that has a foam cooling gel to help control temperature..