LiftMaster 6230
Harley Davidson Motorcycles can be very expensive bikes to buy. The best way to protect this investment is by doing regular maintenance on them. To do this, you will need a good motorcycle jack to lift the bike off of the ground. Read on to see our list of the best motorcycle lifts on the market.

Performing regular maintenance on a bike can be almost as fun as riding the motorcycle. Great satisfaction can be gained from successfully tinkering on your bike, maintaining, and upgrading it. Plus, it is nice having peace of mind while riding a well-maintained bike, that it is less likely to break down.
On the other hand, it can be very frustrating woking on a motorcycle without having the right tools. Not only will it take you way longer, it can be dangerous. One of the most essential tools for basic motorcycle maintenance is a jack. Having a jack will allow you to Lift up the bike, which will make it easier to change the oil, remove wheels, and get to hard to reach places.
When searching for a motorcycle lift, you want to make sure that it is able to lift the weight of your bike, is durable, and safe. All of the motorcycle jacks we mention in this list meet all of those criteria. They are safe units, with a high weight capacity and are made with durable materials.
The OTC 1545
The 2nd best option in our roundup of motorcycle jacks is the OTC 154This High quality jack is an excellent choice for those who want a durable product without worrying about it breaking or having to replace it. Beyond being built with highly durable materials, this jack is sold with a two year warranty, so you can have peace of mind that it will last.

The OTC Motorcycle Lift is almost as strong as the Powerzone jack, being able to lift up any motorcycle under 1,500 pounds. It is designed with an ultra-low profile, allowing it to fit under 3.inches. Beyond this, the excellent design also includes a removable handle, allowing you maximum access to work on your bike. Also included is a set of 360-degree rotating rear castors with a foot pedal lock. Finally, a set of safety straps are included to help secure the bike even more safely.
Just like the Powerzone, the OTC 154Motorcycle lift is a highly rated product. With an average of stars, users of this jack had great things to say about it. Overall, the OTC jack is an excellent product, all though it is somewhat pricey..