Longer Battery Life
We subjected both batteries to our informal battery test consisting of two hours of heavy use.  Most battery-consuming services and features were turned on: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, and autosync.  Screen brightness and screen timeout were also set to maximum.  During the first hour, a 720p HD video was played back non-stop.  The next hour was spent browsing graphics-intensive websites.
Some Reasonable Tradeoffs

Weight may also be an issue, too.  The default battery weighs only about 4grams (1.oz), which makes the Galaxy Sexceptionally thin and light.  The Mugen Power extended battery, however, weighs about 90 grams (3.oz) and is a bit bulky.
Custom Back Cover
However, despite my extreme care, I noticed that the custom back cover easily gets scratched.  Mine already showed scratches after a week of use.  But, for me, these are minor annoyances.
Also, if you keep your phone on vibra mode most of the time, you might want to know that vibration feedback on the phone using the Mugen Power HLI-I9300XL may not be as strongly felt as when it is using the original battery.  This may not be a dealbreaker for many, but I found it a bit annoying to not feel the phone vibrate in my pocket while walking around town.

Another product that would be an excellent replacement battery is the Gadfull Lithium-ion battery. It has a power capacity of 2100mAh and a voltage of 3.8V.

This means that it runs for longer durations and allows you to stream your favorite music for long hours before the power completely drains out.
To guarantee your safety, the product undergoes rigorous safety tests before it is released into the market.
Another feature that should impress you is the Lithium-Ionen technology that ensures there is no memory-effect.
Wrapping It Up
There are countless brands of replacement batteries for your Galaxy Savailable in the market. As a result, it is easy to get confused and end up buying a low-quality product that would cost you money for unsatisfactory performance.
Therefore, we have narrowed down the search and recommended the best brands in the market for you to choose from.

The unified battery design completely eliminates voltage conversion waste (20-35%) giving your phone 100% of the stored energy to use. https://trurobest.com/best-samsung-galaxy-s3-battery. Also, lacking the complicating external wires, power buttons and power meter LEDs, of external batteries and many battery cases, enjoy using your phone without the added complexity.

When it comes to squeezing as much battery life as possible out of our smartphones, most people aim for software solutions, or ones that can otherwise be easily managed right from the touchscreen.

The culprit could be the battery itself. Lithium-ion batteries, like the ones you'll find in a Samsung Galaxy S or Note series phone, can degrade over time, with expected life spans of just to years..