Lo trabalh en cors e aprestar acamp sKype de uèi

Ordre del jorn Skype
Next Wednesday we are having the skype meeting. We have to talk about the following activities:

1) Science in our dishes. Spanish team has chosen the salty way of proccessing food.
As for us the French we have chosen the cryopreservation way with the oldest ones,pasteurization way with an other group .

2) Herbs activity. Spanish team has chosen "laurel", as an example of Mediterranean herb.
For the French we have chosen thyme .

3) Recipes from our grandparents.
We have started the enquiry inside our school what remains to do is the competition which is open to other schools .

4) I open my eye. Advertising for teenagers. We have worked with an ad on "Nutella"
3 ads are available on the private part of the wiki ,activity A 12 .

5) Whatever you want to talk about ........
- A2 We published on the private part of the wiki a study on the ideal breakfast ,
  • posters How much sugar in these drinks? and How much salt, fat and sugar in these dishes? .

_ A9 At the moment our model of table set is almost finished .

- A10 as for the year 6 They worked on a how to produce enquiry on the Nutella .

_ A 13 We saw superzise me for the year 7 ,we recorded the debate following the view .
As for the oldest they are suppossed to watch Soylent green ,

infos tiradas del conselh de uèi Lo punt sus las actividats Erasmus+:
A12 => 3ena: 3 fichas analiticas de publicitat publicadas sul Wiki privat d'Erasmus+
A mand d'èsser acabat (divendres e/o dissabte)
A2 => 3ena : postèrs How much sugar in these drinks? e How much salt, fat and sugar in these dishes? e, sus una suggestion de los 3ena:

  • => Sofia e ieu: afichas mangerbouger.fr per la cantina
  • => Sofia e ieu: sets de taula mangerbouger.fr per la cantina cf. http://www.mangerbouger.fr/

A11 => Conservacion per congelacion de gènes de interès agroalimentari amb las 3enas?
A13 => 4ena, 3ena: projeccion de Soleil vert (Cathy, Pili, Jordi e ieu).