Some photos


The first day

image 1FR1.jpg (74.5kB)

image 1FR2.jpg (72.0kB)

image 1FR3.jpeg (0.2MB)

image 1FR4.jpg (92.1kB)

image 1FR5.jpg (0.1MB)

The second day

image 2FR1.jpg (74.4kB)

image 2FR2.jpg (78.4kB)

image 2FR3.jpg (70.1kB)

image 2FR4.jpg (58.2kB)

image 2FR5.jpg (95.6kB)

The third day

image 3FR1.jpg (0.1MB)

image 3FR2.jpg (63.5kB)

image 3FR3.jpg (0.1MB)

image 3FR4.jpg (97.0kB)

image 3FR5.jpg (90.1kB)

The fourth day

image 4FR1.jpg (90.4kB)

image 4FR2.jpg (78.0kB)

image 4FR3.jpg (0.1MB)

image 4FR4.jpg (72.2kB)

image 4FR5.jpg (0.1MB)

The fifth day

image 5FR1.jpg (69.2kB)

image 5FR2.jpg (97.6kB)

image 5FR3.jpg (79.8kB)

image 5FR4.jpg (49.1kB)

image 5FR5.jpg (67.3kB)


The first day

image 1FRA1.jpg (86.1kB)

image 1FRA2.jpg (1.5MB)

image 1FRA3.jpg (76.1kB)

image 1FRA4.jpg (1.5MB)

image 1FRA5.jpg (1.5MB)

The second day

image 2FRA1.jpg (88.1kB)

image 2FRA2.jpg (91.3kB)

image 2FRA3.jpg (88.4kB)

image 2FRA4.jpg (93.6kB)

image 2FRA5.jpg (0.1MB)

The third day

image 3FRA1.jpg (1.5MB)

image 3FRA2.jpg (1.4MB)

image 3FRA3.jpg (1.5MB)

image 3FRA4.jpg (1.6MB)

image 3FRA5.jpg (1.5MB)

The fourth day

image 4FRA1.jpg (93.7kB)

image 4FRA2.jpg (90.3kB)

image 4FRA3.jpg (79.0kB)

image 4FRA4.jpg (0.1MB)

image 4FRA5.jpg (72.6kB)

image 4FRA6.jpg (0.1MB)

image 4FRA7.jpg (1.6MB)

image 4FRA8.jpg (1.7MB)

The fifth day

image 5FRA1.jpg (83.2kB)

image 5FRA2.jpg (0.3MB)

image 5FRA3.jpg (0.2MB)

image 5FRA4.jpg (0.2MB)

image 5FRA5.jpg (92.5kB)

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