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23 setembre

Dear Jacek,
It should be done by the end of September according to the Gantt, but we can think of having the presentations ready by the first week of October, so that we can share them on the Etwinning platform when we come back from France. ):

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Dear all
To Daniela

How many days do we have to do it? In my opinion your presentation (Daniela) it's ok :-)
Regards Jacek

Dear Patrick,
I have tried to send you a mail with a Power Point file in attach, but I think you couldn't receive it, so I will send it again without the attach (you will find the Power Point Presentation on Google Drive).
Can you let me know if you receive my mails, when I use my personal account? If it is not, I will use the school address.
Thank you
P.S. Thank you for booking the hotel for us, too.

Dear partner,
even if we are meeting soon, we think it would be better to start working at the project right now. The first activity is, according to the Gant, due by September so, even if we haven't decided which partner will coordinate the first phase yet, we have tried to think about it in details. It is a simple presentation activity, in which students first introduce themselves using, for example PowerPoint? then they make a second presentation about their school. We have decided that 3 classes will do the personal presentation activity and then we will choose the best ones and put them on the E-twinning platform. We have asked students to make a presentation with about 10 slides talking about:
Personal info about myself (name/age/nationality...)
My family
Where I live
Something about music
A postcard from a place I would like to show to my new friends/greetings

I have made a sample presentation about myself, just for fun to be used as a model with my students to show them what I am expecting from them. You will find it in attach, but each of you can use a different approach and even a different tool to make students talk about themselves.

The second presentation, that of the school, will be done as a group work by the whole classroom.
We haven't started the presentation about the school yet, so I do not have a sample...feel free to suggest a way to do that. We will probably make a Power Point presentation again.

I think having something to share on the platform when we come back from Montpellier will be great so...let's get this started!

Waiting for your feedback

21 setembre
Eu escriviu sta matin.
Nos son tres ,eu, Daniela e Mattia ( un ome).

Envoyé: Vendredi 21 Septembre 2018 09:04:46
Objet: Erasmus Agenda

Dear All,
in attach you will find the Agenda for the Transnational Project Meeting in Montpellier. The Italian delegation will arrive on Monday 1st October in the afternoon, while the Polish one in the evening. That is the reason why we will start the meeting on Tuesday morning and not on Monday and we will work on Thursday morning, too (the duration of the meeting must be of three days).
Don't exitate to ask if you have any doubts or let us know if we have to change something.
Best Regards
Daniela Fraire

12 de setembre
Dear Daniela and Patric
From 1st to 3rd October is fine for me.Thank you very much for everything.
Keep in touch Jacek

Dnia 12 września 2018 20:43

11 de setembre
Dear Jacek and Dear Patric,

We have just finished our first Erasmus meeting and we suggest you these dates for the first International Project Meeting:
26-27-28 September in Montpellier
We chose Daniela Fraire as coordinator and the team will be composed by:

Giusiano Mattia (he will be encharged of the website and other digital issues)

Cravetto Cristina ( art teacher)

Gallarate Giulio ( instrumental music teacher)

Toselli Annarosa ( music teacher)

Pelizza Brunella ( Italian, history and geography teacher).

  • We would like to know the names of the coordinators for your schools and the work teams.
We decided to exchange documents using the same Google platform, we have already used to plan the project: Google drive. Our intention is to use Etwinning platform, as we have written in the project. Do you think we can start using it in Montpellier where it will be easier to activate it?

We are working on:

A common logo with the European flag and the code of the project

A common attendance sheet for the signatures of the presences during the meetings and the visits

The agenda for the first meeting

In order to be ready for the first transnational meeting that will be hold in Italy at the end of December, we would like you to start thinking about possible dates. Will the week from the 17th to the 21st December be fine for you? We will define it during the meeting in Montpellier, of course, but it would help the organization to know when you have the Christmas Holidays in your schools.

Looking forward to working with you…

Leda Zocchi and Daniela Fraire

25 de julh 2018
car patric!
la resposta de la candidatura es positiva!!!!
eu sou qualque jorn en vacanças , mas returno a l'escolo esto semano!
portate ben!