That was a week and a half ago.
Single mom dating requires time management skills, especially when a single dad has his own custody schedule to sync up with hers. It can definitely try the patience, acceptance, and understanding to find a night that works for both. I get that. But early April? A month will have passed between our second and third dates.
There is stuff going on in her life that explains the delay. Itís not like sheís a single mom dating a million guys, and Iím supposed to take a number. (Iím not one to go exclusive after two dates, but I also donít usually date four women at once. More like one woman at once. Ha!)
Unless two people are practicing long-distance dating, is there another scenario besides a single mom dating a single dad for two people to put so much time between nights out on the town?
Whereís a dirty texting ex-girlfriend when I need one?