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by i am chocolatetresses on 2006 Jan 18 - 03:46 | reply to this comment
Power plays at school
Chocolatetresses said, "I guess this is one area were women excel and men are left dumbfounded– the subtle and not so subtle power plays between women.

Power plays aside – that film Desk Set sounds great. Women can be such great comrades too."

Several years ago, before I met R (my DW), I worked at an elementary school as an interpreter for a hearing impaired child. There were about 50 women... teachers, janitors, admin, lunch ladies. I was the only male staff member on campus. It had been so long since a man had worked there, they had turned the men's room into a storage room :)

I watched the power plays, and I was blown away by some of the stuff that went on. The cliques, the backstabbing, the gossip. I was dumbfounded. The people who they liked though, they would do anything for them. Loyal to the core for their friends.

R is a second grade teacher, and I hear about some of the things that go on at her school. Definately keeps you on your toes!

by talon_5trike on 2006 Jan 18 - 12:37 | reply to this comment
On Your Toes
You're a brave man walking into that workplace scenario! A year ago I was working in a large office. There would easily have been 100 people on our floor and mostly women. Boy were we in need of some testosterone around that place! Too many female hormones in one place is not good!

Keep smiling!

by chocolatetresses on 2006 Jan 18 - 21:53 | reply to this comment
I have not seen Emma, but I certainly agree with the other two choices :)

I have often said, if I wrote the scripts for movies there would be more spanking scenes...

There have been many times that I have loved the female lead but thought that she could be slightly improved of only she found herself otk of her male lead...